Irish women who blazed a trail throughout history 

To celebrate International Women's Day, we have gathered the stories of six pioneering Irish diaspora women and the paths they blazed in science, design, politics, sport and beyond. 

From its inception in the 1860s, the movement for equality was a global one. It was fought not only by suffragettes, but also by many pioneering Irish women around the globe who made long-lasting contributions to their host societies. Emigration offered many women access to education, careers and other opportunities that may not have been available in Ireland. These women made their mark across the globe, innovating in every field and paving the way for others to follow, navigating a male-dominated society on their own terms. Here we share their stories.

Eva Gore Booth edited.jpeg-2

Eva Gore

The sister of Constance Markievicz who became an icon of suffrage, nationalism and LGBTQ+ defiance.

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Fanny Durack edited-3

Sarah 'Fanny'

Irish-Australian record-breaking swimmer who won the first women’s Olympic swimming medal.

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Dr Isabel ‘Ida’ Deane Mitchell-2-1

Dr Isabel ‘Ida’
Deane Mitchell

The Ulster missionary doctor who devoted her life to the women of Manchuria.  

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