Did you know Neil Armstrong had Irish roots in county Fermanagh? Or that St. Brendan of Kerry sailed the seas looking for the Garden of Eden?

While on lockdown, discover a whole new world with our Explorer Pack -  part of EPIC’s series of fun-filled history resources for children.

Unearth the discoveries made by Irish explorers across land, sea, sky and space! Then, delve into our exploration-themed activities and see imaginations run riot as you set out on your very own expedition.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside!

  • Unearth the world of Irish Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton
  • Make front page headlines and be in with a chance to win a prize!
  • Concoct your own Arctic snowstorm at home
  • Uncover the Irishwoman who broke all the rules to become Britain’s first female pilot

Full of engaging puzzles, quizzes and activities for children 8+ to enjoy, download our 12 page ‘History-at-home’ pack today!

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